We have some special offers for our long-term clients and clients with several domains. Check the rules here!

For long-term contracts

If you choose to sign any type of contract with us for longer than 12 months, for the next 12 months you get 20% discount. Each next 12 months you get 20% off again.

How does it work?
Assume you choose to sign Deluxe support for $40/mth for 26 mth.
40*12+40*12*0,8+40*2*0,8*0,8=915,2$ for everything

For more than one domain

If you sign a contract of any type for one domain for more than 12 months, for the protection of each next domain for longer than 12 months you get 30% discount.

You can combine unlimited number of domains and whichever types of protection services we offer without any limitations. The only limitation is the duration of the contract.